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Patient Transportation

       Criteria to Travel as an escort:                                                      

  • ​Be a legal adult who can sign consent forms, when necessary

  • Be capable of caring for themselves and the client throughout the duration of the medical travel:

  • Be capable of translating between Clients language and English, when necessary

  1. if  your conformation paper from your last medical trip is not returned, this will affect your upcoming trip.

  2. I have been inserting the Patient Travel Brochure in each travel and have been receiving it back with conformation papers. THIS BROUCHURE IS FOR YOU TO KEEP FOR YOURE RECORDS WITH CONTACT INFORMATION FOR YOU & YOUR DOCTOR AND INCLUDES WHAT IS REQUIRED EACH TRIP.

  3. If you receive notification of an upcoming appointment that is less than 7 business days away - you are required to pick up the  Conformation Paper that is provided and keep ALL receipts in order to receive a REIMBURSMENT.

Emergency Patient Travel Cell: 778 - 202 - 7820

"Emergency Classifies as being  at the emergency room and being transferred out of town to another ER department."

New Information Coming Soon...

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