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Housing Renovation

Hagwilget follows Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) renovation policy there are 4 categories AANDC does not provide funding for categories 3 & 4 will only fund category 1 & 2 priority to number 1 which is mold.

  1. Contact the environment health officer for health Canada to conduct a mold investigation report.

  2. Then contact a housing inspector certified by Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation to provide an inspection report with estimates.

  3. Hagwilget housing officer prepare an environmental plan.

  4. Prepare a management plan based on the environmental assessment and housing inspector report.

  5. Submit to the capital housing officer in AANDC to determine if the submission meet all the criteria.

AANDC policy is funding is $15,624.00 per-house the Office or the home owner is responsible for any amount over that limit. Then the inspector needs to come in a provide a final inspection to keep the Hagwilget Village Council off the capital freeze list if there an any items list in the inspection list not completed AANDC will put the council or the capital freeze list.

Housing there are 2 categories that a Hagwilget member is entitled to access funding from AANDC and or CMHC housing program.

The potential home owner submits a letter to the Hagwilget Village Council stating they would like to construct a house on reserve. 

What the home owner must provide is the following:

  1. A letter of intent from a lending institute that they are eligible to receive a loan to construct a house

  2. Must include a house design, as well a contractor estimate for the complete home construction. If the home owner would like to build the home on family property the land must be surrendered to the Hagwilget Village Council until after the mortgage is paid for. The home owner is responsible for water and sewer services. If the house is not constructed within a sub-division maintained by the council.

There are two programs the individual owned and constructed house or the Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation.

The sky is the limit as far as the individual loan is concerned but the land and property remain in possession of the Hagwilget Village Council until the mortgage is paid in full. Rational is Hagwilget Village Council will provide a Ministerial Guarantee that the mortgage will be paid, Hagwilget Village Council provides all of the environmental monitoring reporting that no harm to the environment during construction.

The second the housing program available to Hagwilget members is Social Housing for low income earners: the land and property remain again in possession with the Council. CMHC provides a housing subsidy to the HVC for the mortgage as long as the home owner qualifies for the subsidy. The homeowner rent is based on income 25% of annual income will need to go towards rent payments the mortgages are generally 25 to 30 years low income is considered under $20,000,00 dollars.

Each individual is eligible for $31,249.00 as a housing subsidy the difference in construction is paid for by the home owner.

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