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Fire Department

Hagwilget does have a volunteer fire department.

If you require emergency services please call 911 for police, ambulance or fire.

AANDC provides funding based on the population on reserve there is an average 234 residence which equals approximately $5,500.00 a year. 

Truck insurance is about $1,500.00 a year.

Fuel is about $500.00

Truck maintenance is about $750.00 a year.

Communication equipment is about $750.00 per/radio maintenance when there is a break down is about $150.00 per radio there are 10 radio’s for Hagwilget fire department.

New turn out gear should be replaced about every 3 years each set of turn out gears is valued at $2,000.00 a suite not including the helmet, boots and gloves there are 12 sets of turn out gear. 

The fire hall is not meant as an automotive repair shop, nor is it meant as a storage facility the hall should be only used for fire safety and protection.

Hagwilget spends and average of $8,500.00 a year and that is still not enough to maintain the fire hall the small truck cannot be insured, the big truck is nearing the end of its usefulness. hopefully this changes soon

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