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Home Community Care

Home Care Services 

Monday to Friday  8:30am - 4:30pm

Cell: 7787 202 7807

Starting IMMEDIATLEY the Home Care Services are as follows:

  • Transportation Assistance to and from Wrinch Memorial Hospital for doctor appointments, dentist appointments, pharmacy or Emergency Room admittance only.

  • Pick up and drop off prescriptions and blister packs. These will be picked up at 11am daily, any requests after will be picked up the following day.

  • Blood pressure checks, call 778 202 7807 to arrange a time.

  • Wellness checks, call 778 202 7807 or 250 842  if you would like to have a wellness check on concerning member(s)

  • Once a month, water samples will be picked up from three residences at random before 11am to be shipped out same day.

  • Notify the Health Director and Executive Director about Elders concerns and requests.

  • Seasonal walkway clearing and salting during Winter Assistance in taking Covid-19 rapid tests 

Out of town transportation will no longer be available, however, previously scheduled trips will still be honored.

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