Home Community Care

The Home and Community Care program is ran by the Personal Home Care Worker,the Community Home Care Nurse Supervisor and the License Practical Nurse. 

The program for home care offers personal care for chronic patients with chronic illness and elderly members. It provides basic housekeeping and assistance with appointments when necessary. The nurses provides wound care, referrals and liaison with doctors and specialists. 

Respite care is provided by Wrinch Memorial Hospital with a referral. 

The Licence Practical Nurse (LPN) assists patients in recovery and in home care.

To have access to the LPN’s services, patients must have a referral from their physician. The LPN cannot help a patient without a doctor’s referral or prescription.

We encourage the members of our village to keep all medical  and health records up to date. This will minimize the wait for assistance.

The form for your general health record can be found here. All forms must be filled out, signed and submitted at the local health office. 

Home Care Program

The Home Care Program allows for elders or patients with chronic illness to stay in their own home by providing them with the equipment and assistance to do so.  Patients who qualify to receive home care service or medical equipment will have a referral from their doctor. Some home care services include;

  • Ensuring patients and their families understand release instructions

  • Giving medication as prescribed by a physician

  • Taking vital signs, such as blood pressure, temperature, and weight

  • Basic wound care including cleaning and bandaging injured areas

  • Giving injections of medication

Contacting the LPN

The LPN services Gitanmaax health station (250-842-6320) on Wednesdays, the Hagwilget health station (250-842-5272) on Thursdays and the Kispiox health station (250 842-6236) on Fridays. Drop ins and booking by appointment are both welcome. 

In case of emergencies, please remember to call 911. 

If the local health station is closed and there is no emergency but you would like assistance, please call the Nurse’s Hotline at 811. To look up your symptoms and perform a self diagnosis prior to visiting a doctor or nurse, visit Health Link BC

You may email your LPN at ccnurse@gitxsanhealth.com

Medic Alert 

Medic Alert offers bracelets and necklaces with a built in emergency contact button which not only calls for help but also informs the health professional of the condition and medical history of the patient. These are very useful for patients with chronic illnesses and in home care. You can learn more about how to apply for Medic Alert online.