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Capital Projects

Water, Sewer and Fire Protection are the highest priority.


Both water and sewer require a pre-feasibility study by an engineer who can affix his seal to the final documents. This stage determines if the water or sewer project fit within AANDC policy guidelines for proceeding to a feasibility study.

If the project is deemed eligible for a feasibility study the engineer will be retained to start and complete the feasibility study to see if the project is substantial and meets AANDC criteria for the project to proceed to design. If the project is over 2 million dollars the engineer will need to work with AANDC capital specialist to design and submit a treasury board submission that is set to Ottawa for final decision. 


Before Ottawa the project is reviewed by capital committee in the BC regional office which meets once a month if they have any concerns before forwarding to Ottawa the paper work is sent back for completion to the Hagwilget Village Council.


The Hagwilget Village Council must provide a Council resolution, a letter of intent and the feasibility study and design with estimates for capital cost all approved by the capital project officer from BC region, PEER review committee and capital project manager meeting then forwarded to Ottawa for review and approval. 


Waste Water (sewage) and domestic water are priority as well public health and safety are eligible for capital funding from AANDC. 


Community hall, public building are considered lower priority only after all water and sewer project in BC region are considered then is the is any funding left over lower priority projects are considered.

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