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Economic Development

The Hagwilget Cultural Revitalization Project

The Economic Development Department is in the process of working on the Hagwilget Cultural Revitalization project. The goal of the program is to provide community members with the opportunity, skills and knowledge required to produce good quality native crafts to put on the market. We want the old village site in the canyon to be a place of interactive learning, where visitors can ask questions and speak with the artists. In this way we can pass on the traditional knowledge of the Hagwilget who have lived here for thousands of years. We want the public to know who we are and pass this knowledge on to our members. 

Applying for the program

Those interested in participating in the Cultural Revitalization Project may apply with Sheila Joseph, head of the Education department. Everyone is welcome to apply as there are no prerequisites to the program. 

Carving, Craft Design and Language Education.

Classes in Wetsuwet’en carving, craft design and language are available under the program. There are ten students for every class with two teachers. Students are provided with basic carving tools. It is hoped that the students will learn the craft and that the items made will be put for sale in the village arts and crafts store. 

New Business Assistance and Resources

The Economic Development Department will assist people with business plans and financial projections for new businesses. Because of the current focus on the Revitalization Project, the economic development department is unable to provide capital finance and loans at this time. Other financial business loan opportunities exist.  

Business Resources

  1. Tribal Resources Investment Corporation TRICORP   

  2. Community Futures Terrace 

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