Child & Family Services

Youth & Family Activities

The Youth and Family Coordinator department, ran by our staff, offers multiple opportunities for children and youth to interact with one another in a safe environment after school. The goal is to get children and youth out, active and involved in educational and entertaining activities.

Our staff organizes weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual activities. 

Weekly drop in activities include trips to the movies, bowling alley or swimming pool. These drop-ins are from 3:30-6pm and open to youth. 

Children under 8 years old MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Once a month, on Professional Development Days when children and youth are out of school, there are additional activities. These may include skiing in the winter, hunting in the fall, and boat riding, wake boarding and tubing in the summer. These activities will vary. 

Youth and family members must sign up for activities that require leaving the Hagwilget area in order for the youth and family coordinator to be able to secure rides and meals for everybody. 


The scheduled activities which require youth and family members to sign up for are listed on this website as well as the Hagwilget Activities Facebook page. 

Annual activities are listed here:

There are a large number of drop-ins and local activities during the Christmas holidays to give the youth a chance to stay active and socialize with their peers in a safe environment. These may include swimming, bowling, going to the movies, or even downhill skiing. 

During spring break, there are also a lot of activities available for youth to participate in. There are also usually youth conferences so look out for an announcement.

On Easter we hold our annual egg hunt for the community. 

Despite the usual activities, the summer season holds three different camps. 

A cultural camp held with the office of the Wet’suwet’en is held every summer. It is an opportunity for children and youth to learn the Wet’suwet’en language, how to preserve food and how to live off the land. In addition, they are also taught anger and stress management. It is a great opportunity for the youth to also make new friends, and the camp is attended by youth from all over the province on different territories.

The Rock Nest Ranch Bible Camp, operated by UIM Canada, is an opportunity for youth to go and interact with other believing youth and discuss the joys and struggles of life with mentors. There are separate teen, junior and family camps.  

One of our biggest days of the year is Aboriginal Day. On June 21st, the staff and community get together to put on an event celebrating our culture and heritage. 

We also do a science camp, one week in August. 

The regular drop-in activities of bowling, swimming and going to the movies are available. The Youth and Family Coordinator hopes to include cooking lessons which will teach the youth how to make their own suppers.


Halloween Celebrations happen every Halloween. Volunteers are encouraged to help make the events a success. 

The youth and family coordinator also works with the First Nation Action Support Team also known as FAST. FAST is a suicide prevention task force equipping youth and concerned members of the community with the knowledge and skills to prevent suicide. It also aims to reinforce community mobilization when manage grief and loss. FAST cultivates communication concerning health, family, violence, fitness, drug and alcohol abuse, smoking, and cultural and spiritual relationships. 

Youth and Family Coordinator Office Number: 250-842-5272

Direct line number: 250-842-6216

Office Fax: 250-842-6792